Our extra virgin olive oil - Le Rondini di Francesco di Assisi
San Crispino Natural & Medical SPA
13 June 2019
San Crispino Natural & Medical SPA
13 June 2019

Our extra virgin olive oil


Moraiolo, leccino and frantoio are the different types of olive trees that surround our farmhouse. They are grown in a natural way and pressed in a small artisan mill located in the nearby hills of Assisi. The cold pressing guarantees a true and full-bodied taste, keeping the sensory characteristics of the raw material unchanged.

"... Oil with wise art
From the pure fruit of the ancient olive trees,
Which sing - peace! - in their silent language
Of the Umbrian hills for the solitary mountains,
Far clearer than liquid crystal,
Fragrant as an oriental ointment,
Pure as the faith that in the concave
Metal burns on the silver altar,
Your rare virtues were not unknown
To the tables of Horace and Varro
You won't disdain singing their notes ... "

Gabriele D’Annunzio


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