Events in Umbria


Jazz Winter in Orvieto, a jazz showcase with international artists

Living nativity scenes in Armenzano, Petrignano di Assisi and Greccio, to name but a few.

Musical at the Teatro Metastasio on the Greccio nativity scene by Carlo Tedeschi

La Gennaiola, running race at the foot of Assisi over approximately 13 km

Absolute Italian Championships of Sports Dance, at Umbriafiere di Bastia Umbra.

Italian Darts Championship, at Umbria Fiere di Bastia Umbra.


Carnival parades in Sant’Eraclio, in Todi, in Guardea, allegorical floats and theatrical performances.

Expo Tecnocom, exhibition of furnishing and technology solutions, Umbriafiere

Cioccolentino, a confectionery kermesse dedicated to artisan chocolate and Umbrian pastry, celebrating the Patron Saint, St Valentine, in Terni.

National black truffle market in Norcia, where stalls are set up to taste this precious tuber and other local products.


Carnival parades in Sant’Eraclio, Todi, Guardea, allegorical floats and theatrical performances.

Expo Casa, home furnishings and solutions exhibition, Umbriafiere.

Expo Elettronica, exhibitions of technology and electronic applications, Umbriafiere.

AgriUmbria, national showcase of agricultural materials and tools, Umbriafiere di Bastia Umbra.


Easter celebrations: procession of the Via Crucis, evocative ones in Assisi and Gubbio, Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday, Easter Mass.

Assisi Antiquariato, a major national exhibition at Umbriafiere di Bastia Umbra.

“Coloriamo i Cieli”, an international festival of kites and hot air balloons in Castiglion del Lago, to celebrate the theme of peace and solidarity.


Calendimaggio di Assisi, festival in honour of spring and medieval re-enactment of the fight between the two parts of the city: songs, taverns, parades and flag-wavers entertain tourists.

The “Corsa di Ceri” in Gubbio, a celebration in honour of the Patron Saint Ubaldo. The three candles, the symbol of the Umbria region, are carried on shoulders to the Basilica of Monte Ingino, among the euphoria of all the participants.

Open wineries, an event devoted to wine where some wineries in Montefalco and Bevagna open their cellars for visits and tastings of fine wines they produce, like “the Sagrantino”, served with typical Umbrian dishes.


Giostra della Quintana in Foligno, historical re-enactment with parades, taverns, races between districts, with Renaissance costumes.

Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, an international cultural festival featuring ballets, concerts, theatrical performances, painting exhibitions along the city’s streets and much more.

The Gaite market in Bevagna, where artisan shops reconstruct ancient crafts: the violin maker, the painter, the candlemaker, the papermaker, the weaver; in the corners of the village, taverns open where you can taste ancient flavours.

Infiorata of Spello and Cannara, on the occasion of the Corpus Domini festivities. Along the streets you can admire carpets, which reproduce religious designs, mosaics of various colours made entirely of dried and chopped flowers, and real tapestries.


Gubbio summer festival, featuring theatrical performances and open-air concerts at the Roman Amphitheatre; international artists.

Umbria Jazz, a programme of live concerts and shows in the squares of Perugia, with internationally renowned artists.


Feast of St Clare and St Rufinus, the latter Patron Saint of the city of Assisi; different religious celebrations and on the evening of the 12th, an impressive fireworks display from the Rocca Maggiore in Assisi, which can also be seen from the surrounding villages.

Feast of the Forgiveness of Assisi, which recalls the promise made by Jesus to St Francis that whoever had come to the Porziuncola, confessing and communicating himself, would obtained full forgiveness for his sins; solemn religious celebrations.

Feast of the Assumption, with the traditional evening show of the Focaraccio in Santa Maria dei Angeli, where thousands of cards with pilgrims’ promises on are burned.


The Giostra della Quintana in Foligno, historical re-enactment with parades, taverns, races between districts, with Renaissance costumes. .Find out more

The Onion Festival in Cannara, enjoyed and visited by many to taste typical Umbrian menus in which onions are widely used with great skill.

The Porchetta Festival in Costano, which attracts many people passionate about this particular slice of local gastronomy.


Exhibition of the white truffle in Gubbio, where stalls are set up in the square to provide tastings of the precious tuber and other artisan food products.

The Forest Festival in Montone, which presents products such as asparagus, berries, chestnuts and other local food products.

The Chestnut Festival in Preggio, where you can rediscover ancient flavours in the old shops reconstructed in the town’s alleys, above Castelrigone di Magione.

Eurochocolate, a confectionery event held in Perugia; the city’s streets are filled with stalls displaying the most varied forms of chocolate. There are concerts, shows and contests on the theme of chocolate to entertain visitors.


All Saints’ Day Festivities, which gives rise to the usual bridge of the dead, during which traditional fairs are set up, including the main one in the city of Perugia, where many stalls selling local products and antiques fill the streets and alleys. A large funfair is set up for about 15 days in the stadium area, a popular destination for young and old visitors both during the daytime and at night.

Open Mills, an event in honour of extra virgin olive oil, one of Umbria’s finest products; you can do free tastings at many farms in the area.


Feast of the Immaculate, during which you can attend religious celebrations and concerts in Assisi.

Christmas festivities, with solemn religious celebrations of Christmas and the end of the year, and the traditional New Year’s concert held at the Basilica Superiore in Assisi.

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