Le Rondini di Francesco di Assisi fly to Cannara - Le Rondini di Francesco di Assisi
Recognition of Excellence
12 décembre 2019
Recognition of Excellence
12 décembre 2019

Le Rondini di Francesco di Assisi fly to Cannara


Today I am in Cannara, in the heart of the Umbrian valley and the mountain community of Monti Martani, Serana and Subasio, to interview Loredana Davì, welcome manager of a farm from the suggestive name: The Swallows of Francis of Assisi.

A structure with many precautions, all dedicated to the guests and the surrounding nature, for a tourism sustainable. The one at Le Rondini of Francis of Assisi is in fact “a model of hospitality linked to the territory around us and in full compliance with it. The choice of a photovoltaic system, respect for the management of waste separation, the agreement with a local company that provides electric cars and a range of discounts at local small shops; an ecotour proposed to our guests in the vineyards of a famous wine estate (with tasting of local products) and a ride on a scooter or bicycle to the rediscovery of the small medieval villages characterize our hospitality. In addition, of course, to our beautiful property, with its 10 apartments and the park complete with swimming pool with hydromassage and children’s play “

In the Rondini, the guest is at the center of everything, by offering dedicated to him, “with proposals tailored to his family and especially with activities specially made for his children: natural parks, educational farms, bike rides etc. “.

Here you can delight in a thousand and one activities, courses in typical Umbrian cooking and embroidery “punto Assisi”; by tastings of local products to the reading of books on Franciscan spirituality, in the library of the farm.”

I have always been involved in tourism and Umbria and sustainability is a factor in the tourism itself. If there is no respect for the land, the exploitation (especially if supported by the local authorities and not) and its promotion, in fact it can not exist, or last “.

When we talk about territory, Loredana becomes a raging river and fills me with advice as to suggest to our readers: “There is no place in Umbria not take us back to the Middle Ages or that do not put us in touch with the spirituality of the places linked to St. Francis and St. Clare … Several parties in the villages around here recall the life and uses medieval: May Day in Assisi and the Gaite in Bevagna, the Giostra della Quintana in Foligno or The Race of the Candles in honor of St. Ubaldo in Gubbio, the celebrations for the Feast of Easter in Assisi, then past the floral Spello at of Corpus Christi.

Suggestive also the nature trail through the forest of St. Francis, right next to the beautiful Basilica of Assisi, created thanks to the FAI and all donations that still arrive, allowing the organization of different events related to its forest, which in turn offer our guests.

It has recently completed a cycle path between Assisi and Spoleto and which crosses the most beautiful towns in Umbria. Then the spectacular flowering of lavender in Castelnuovo, filling color and perfume the already intense green hills; or shimmering colors of flowering in Castelluccio.

Don’t forget the event “Cantine Aperte”, during which many wineries open their doors to visitors, offering wine tasting, oil and typical Umbrian products. And yet the Festival Of 2 Worlds in Spoleto: a cultural event including ballets, concerts, shows and exhibitions, which annually attracts thousands of fans. And finally (but much still needs to be highlighted and to propose) a number of fairs, pageants, festivals, parties and small villages that make this land a unique place to explore. “


Written by: Roberta Isceri

I’m a passionate blogger. In my blog, italiaterapia.com, I am talking about Italy and emotions linked to the territory, to art and travel experiences in our country. I write and read, write and photographer, I write and watch movies (with the pedantic critical of former damsiana), write and around the world. I come from the business communication but are finally arrived, almost by accident, the multifaceted world of sustainable tourism, a field I love. My favorite subject? Diversity, declined in all its forms. I forgot: the director is responsible for the Daily Slow!